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Submission Guidelines


Music Video Asheville Guidelines 2019**

**These guidelines are being updated. Please make sure to reread this before submitting on or after January 8, 2019


1. At least one member of the musical act or production crew must be currently residing within 60 miles of Buncombe County and must contain at least one song by the artist.


2. Song(s) in the piece must be original


3. Each individual submission must be under 8 minutes long. 


4. Audio on the piece must be loud enough to hear the music.


5. No more than 60% of the footage may be archival and if more than 60% is archival, at least one member of the current band must be in featured archival footage (i.e. home  videos from childhood). No videos shown at previous MVA’s are accepted.


6. Submissions will be evaluated for appropriate public content.


7. Submissions received without a complete Electronic Submission Form will not be accepted.


8. If submissions need to be mailed, see address for submission below. An electronic form must be completed before mailing.


9. Submissions that are under copyright or contract that disallows public performance may not be submitted.


10. The video or film must be a standalone clip of the item being submitted in one of the following formats:

a.)   Best option - send an Apple Pro Res compressed Quicktime at either 1920x1080 or 1280x720

b.)  Next best option - Quicktime compression with the highest resolution possible. (H.264 preferred)

Files should be submitted digitally via Dropbox and files should be 23.98 FPS. If you wish to submit a Jumpdrive, previous arrangements must be made by emailing

Submission Details


By submitting a piece, the musical act acknowledges that the work may be publicly shown on April 24th, 2019 at the Diana Wortham Theater, and waives any performance fees or royalties. Portions of the films may also be used with full credit given in promotion of the event before or afterwards, unless expressed in writing to not use the footage.


All submissions should be done through our online submission forms and instructions (available January 8).


The submission may be mailed or dropped off to the Submission Board via standard first class mail on a Thumbdrive.  Thumbdrives may be mailed first class in any envelope but will not be returned. Payment can be made via Paypal or enclosed check made out to All American Food Fights for $15.


Mail to: MVA, 13BManila Street Asheville, NC 28806

Checks must be made out to All American Food Fights

Submissions may also be dropped off to Harvest Records at 415 Haywood Rd # B, Asheville, NC 28806  

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 11am-9pm / Sunday, 12pm-5pm



All submissions that meet the guidelines will be reviewed by the MVA committee and  the best 90 minutes of footage will be selected for viewing at Music Video Asheville on April 24, 2019 at the Diana Wortham Theater.   Please read more about the Judging Process HERE. Questions? Email Kelly Denson at or call 828-515-1081.   Good Luck!


MVA 2019 is produced by: Lush Life Productions

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