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April 24, 2019

at Diana Wortham Theater

Music Video Asheville, now coming into its 12th year, is an annual event that showcases the collaborations between filmmakers and musicians. Area bands submit their music videos and the best 90 minutes of videos are selected for a viewing and awards ceremony at Diana Wortham Theater in Downtown Asheville. The red carpet event is a celebration of the creative, unique and diverse music community we have here in the heart of Western North Carolina.

2019 Official Selections

Artificial Oceans                       Safe Haven

C.Shreve the Professor           All That I Feel

Chuck Lichtenberger               Vesuvius

Comet, Come Again                 Scapegoat of Ambivalence

Corgi                                           Exchange Rates

Don Clayton                              Land of the Sky

Drunken Prayer                        Cordelia

E.W. Harris                                 ReEntry

Eleanor Underhill                     StrangerThings Have Come

ElectroChemical                       Delicious Sentience

Erica Russo                               Bucket List

Hearts Gone South                 Beautiful Lie

Indigo De Souza                      Nomoah

Jane In Space                           Gorerunner

Jonathan Scales                       Fake Buddha's Inner Child


LLGLDNBKS                              Finding Flowers

Matt Williams                           If It's A Hit

Musashi Xero                           Strawberry Fields

Queen Bee and the                Beacham's Curve


RBTS WIN                                  THIRD EYES

Ryan RnB Barber                    Carolina Stomp

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo         Makeshift Spaceship

Soft Talk                                  Not My Home

Spaceman Jones and            Henny Nights

The Motherships

TEYG                                         No Love Lost

Thanya Iyer                             Do You Dream

Virtuous                                   Clarity

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